Audio and Acoustical Engineering

Faculty Media Sciences
Course of studies Audio and Acoustical Engineering
Degree Bachelor
Academic degree Bachelor of Engineering
Start Winter semester
Regular study period 7 Semesters
Further qualification Acoustical Engineering (M.Sc.)
Industrial Management (M.Sc.)
Category media
Engineering Sciences
Study fields Acoustics
Type of study full-time studies
Course language german
Admission restriction No
Tuition No
Credits 210
Accredited Yes  /  Information on accreditation
Application portal Online application


Blocking the entry gates for criminals.

Nine out of ten companies were victims of cyber attacks in 2020/2021, according to Bitkom. The damage: around 225 billion euros - twice as much as two years earlier. And the trend is rising. In particular, extortion attempts using ransomware are exploding. But this damage is not only monetary. Espionage endangers entire companies when intellectual property is stolen.

Protecting data better is the order of the day. At Mittweida University of Applied Sciences, we have been researching how to do this for years. Our vision is to prevent sabotage and theft, and to make attackers' heads spin. In doing so, we go beyond the current methods of IT security. The Internet is still a place of copies. With blockchain, we make it a place of originals and enable business without lawyers, without notaries, without paper.

What does it take? You. It's true that investments in information technology security are on the rise. But experts who understand their craft and, for example, break new ground with blockchain applications are rare. 

Career Prospects

Top salary with guaranteed employment.

Germany needs nearly 800,000 additional IT professionals by 2026, according to consulting firm McKinsey, which predicts six-figure salaries after just a few years on the job.

But money is by no means everything. Those who choose to study in the field of IT security have a wide range of professions to choose from due to their broad specialized knowledge, which brings new challenges and variety every day. Mittweida graduates work, among other things, as

  • IT security officers and IT security managers in companies and authorities of all kinds,
  • White hat hackers and penetration testers at specialized IT security service providers,
  • Developers for blockchain applications,
  • Software architects for security applications,
  • Web and software developers,
  • System, network or firewall administrators,
  • auditors for security-critical systems.

Of course, you can continue to deepen your knowledge after completing your bachelor's degree. In Mittweida, two master's degree programs are open to you for this purpose: Cybercrime/Cybersecurity and Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)

Study structure

Those who have studied Audio and Acoustical Engineering know exactly what they are doing.

You learn the theoretical basics of audio technology, acoustics and relevant business and engineering sciences in the first two semesters. This gives you an insight into the different areas of the degree programme and helps you find out which specialisation matches your interests. Once you have decided, you specialise from the third semester onwards in either Audio or Acoustics:

  • Audio covers all topics of production and event technology in the audio field, from planning to post-production. You learn how to plan and implement technically perfect live sound and studio productions, orchestrate the sound control room, design music and sound effects, and ensure absolutely reliable transmission.
  • With Acoustics, you use physical knowledge to make sounds pleasant. For example, you design the sound of a door closing, avoid noise in buildings and in public, develop engine sounds or optimise concert halls so that everyone can enjoy the perfect sound.

Small groups allow you to experience the team spirit typical of Mittweida in project work. This way you can directly test the knowledge you have just learned and understand even complex technical details more easily.

Application and admission


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You can study at the Hochschule Mittweida:

  • with a general matriculation standard
  • with a subject-related entrance qualification (according to the subject)
  • with an advanced technical college certificate.

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