Global Communication in Business and Culture, B.Sc.

Faculty Media Sciences
Course of studies Global Communication in Business and Culture
Degree Bachelor
Academic degree Bachelor of Science
Start Winter semester
Regular study period 6 Semesters
Further qualification Media Management and Technology (M.Sc.)
Industrial Management (M.Sc.)
Category management
Type of study full-time studies
Course language german
Admission restriction No
Tuition No
Credits 180
Accredited Yes  /  Information on accreditation
Application portal Online application


The world is your home? You’re a keen communicator and have no fear of speaking foreign languages? You’re interested in business, communication and international matters? Then Global Communication in Business and Culture is the perfect course for you.

In this course you will gain key knowledge in business studies, economics and media studies, comparing the German perspective with an international dimension. You will combine this knowledge with foreign language skills and intercultural competence.

During your studies you will specialise in one of the following cultural and economic areas of study:

  • Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Scandinavia and the Baltic states
  • South and North America
  • Africa.

Since intercultural competence can only be developed through personal experience, the programme includes international experiences: students participate in both a study abroad opportunity at a partner university and an internship with an international focus.

Career prospects

The knowledge from the course provides you with numerous opportunities to realize your full poten- tial. You will be most suitably equipped to work as an intercultural expert and drive the international orientation of enterprises and organisations in busi- ness, media, culture, and politics. The course will also suit anyone intending to manage international processes as intercultural coaches or international managers in marketing, recruiting or product management. Graduates of Global Communication in Business and Culture have three decisive advantages:

  • Your combination of knowledge is unique. Mittweida University of Applied Sciences is the only place to offer such a broad combination of business, media, culture, and languages with additional sought-after certifi cates in digital skills and intercultural competence.
  • You can apply your knowledge to real-life cases. Your lecturers are experts with international experience and know exactly what matters. They teach you how to tackle complex challenges using scientifi c reasoning and methods.
  • Your competencies make you an expert. Intense practical orientation, your specialisation in a cultural area of study and an integrated interna- tional study component give you an edge. After graduation you will have more experience than your future boss.

You are free to pursue a successful career in indus- try or work for political or non-governmental orga- nisations. Whether you want to work as a strategist, communicator, content creator or consultant - your work will be in demand as an independent free- lancer or as an employed professional.


Global Communication in Business and Culture has an innovative course structure that allows students the greatest possible freedom for individual development.

The content is delivered online at several stages of your course. This means that you can study at any time and from any location, and you will be far more independent than a traditional student. You will gain individual experience during your studies that other students only have after graduation. In semesters one to three you will focus on acquiring core knowledge and gaining experience. Each module addresses key issues from business studies, economics, media studies, society, and culture. Semester four is your semester abroad. In the fifth and sixth semesters, you will consolidate your knowledge and graduate after submitting your Bachelor’s thesis.

Mobility is a key part of the course. Regular field trips to various locations where you can see the theoretical knowledge from business, media, and culture come alive are integrated into the course. Back in Mittweida, you will work through your impressions and deepen your knowledge while experts guide you and give you first-hand reports from the field. These include:

  • Prof. Dr. Kai Gniffke, Director-General of Südwestrundfunk
  • Dr. Johannes Beermann, Executive Board member at Deutsche Bundesbank, the central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Gabin Ananou, former ambassador to the Togolese Republic in Germany • Claudia Graus, Executive Board member at UNICEF Germany
  • Dr. Falk Kunadt, Senior Strategy Analyst for Strategic Foresight, Think Tank of the German Aerospace Centre
  • Dr. Tatiana Tarasova, EMEA Director Key Account Management, BSI Group, global leader in business standards and certification

Application and admission


Please register here: As soon as you have transmitted all forms and supporting documents, you can enrol. Your enrolment certificate reliably grants you a place at the university.

You can study at the Hochschule Mittweida:

  • with a general matriculation standard
  • with a subject-related entrance qualification (according to the subject)
  • with an advanced technical college certificate.

You can find all information on application deadlines and required documents here.

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