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Media and Acoustical Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering

Faculty Media Sciences
Course of studies Media and Acoustical Engineering
Degree Bachelor
Academic degree Bachelor of Engineering
Start Winter semester
Regular study period 7 Semesters
Further qualification Media and Communication Studies (M.A.)
Acoustical Engineering (M.Sc.)
Industrial Management (M.Sc.)
Category media
Engineering Sciences
Study fields Acoustics
Type of study full-time studies
Admission restriction No
Tuition No
Credits 210
Accredited Yes
Application portal International Office


Ensure that concerts, events and television shows inspire the audience.

Study + experiment + produce. Media and Acoustical Engineering focuses on the knowledge that highly specialized project engineers in the audio/video field and acousticians really need in their professional lives. In Mittweida you will learn to analyze and evaluate complex media technology tasks in order to plan and install solutions.

Theory is always combined with practice: At professional events like the Mittweida Campus Festival, congresses like the Mittweida Media Forum, in our recording studios and acoustic laboratories. You apply the knowledge from the lectures directly.

Your own interests take center stage: In the specializations, national and international specialists, who themselves have years of practical experience in professional life, will help you to expand your knowledge during your studies. This specialization and the practical projects give you a head start in knowledge and experience for your career start.

Career Prospects

Whether in sound and studio technology or in event and video technology - a wide range of professional fields is open to our graduates.

As a specialized professional with academic and technical know-how, you will realize top-class media productions. Where exactly you want to go after graduation will be decided by your specialization and interests. For example, you will work as:

  • Planning engineer for audio and video technology in TV, radio and sound studios,
  • Production engineer for event technology for concerts and events,
  • Sound designers and acousticians in vehicle and mechanical engineering or
  • Planners for building and room acoustics.

Analyzing, planning, organizing, implementing are the core competencies of every Mittweida graduate. All-round qualifications such as business administration, media design and project management complement the engineering skills. They can help you to quickly take up a management position after graduation and lead your team to success.

Study structure

Anyone who has studied Media and Acoustical Engineering knows exactly what they are doing. You learn the theoretical basics in engineering, economics, natural sciences and acoustics in the first two semesters. In this way, you will get an insight into the different areas of the program and find out which specialization corresponds to your personal interests. Once you have decided on one, you specialize from the third semester onwards:


Audio/Video covers all areas of event and production technology from planning to post-production. You learn to plan and realize live sound and studio productions in a technically perfect way, orchestrate the sound or picture direction and ensure an absolutely reliable transmission.


With Acoustics you use physical knowledge to make sounds pleasant. For example, you can design the closing sound of a door, avoid noise in buildings and in public places, develop engine sounds or optimize concert halls so that everyone can enjoy the perfect sound.

Small groups allow you to experience the team spirit typical for Mittweida in project work. This way you can directly test the knowledge you just learned and understand even complex technical details more easily.

Application and admission

You are interested?

Please register here  hs-mittweida.de/bewerben. As soon as you have transmitted all forms and supporting documents – you can enrol. Your enrolment certificate reliably grants a university place in Mittweida.

You can study at the Hochschule Mittweida 

  • with a general matriculation standard
  • with a subject-related entrance qualification (according to the subject)
  • with an advanced technical college certificate.

You can find all information on application deadlines and required documents here.

If you do not have any of the mentioned degrees, look here for more information.

There is a separate application deadline for international students. Please click here for more information.